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Experiments in (Anti-)Capitalism, Part I

Almost nothing bores me more than the idea of writing my own blog posts for this site – as is obvious from those that have come before (the writing within them, by and large, not exactly crackling with necessity): I’m more interested in others’ experiences with regard to this project, and the most important “site” […]

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New SWAG: “Debtor” pins and charms

It seemed only natural ….. Yes, it was time to address this topic.  Now, you can wear it proud, in either sports-team-inspired cloisonne pin form or as a delicate charm dangling from your wrist, neck, or ears.  Pins are slightly bigger (1.25″ long), epoxied, and cost $4; charms are 1″ long, non-epoxied, and cost $3.  […]

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“SWAG for Hard Times” has been included in the show “Circulate, Exchange: Nugget & Gravy” at the New Wight Gallery at UCLA, Sept 22 – Oct 6. Curated by Mathiew Greenfield and Christine Wang, the show features artists currently enrolled in or recently graduated from MFA programs in southern California.  From the catalog’s introductory essay, […]

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