SWAG at Wonderloch Kellerland Gallery, LA, Feb 11-26th

Wonderloch Kellerland Gallery (Los Angeles and Berlin) is hosting an “Artists Merchandising Art” show in its galleries this month. SWAG will be available – in its “honor-system store” format – at the Los Angeles location from Feb 11 through the 26th. Stop by the opening! 3149 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90039.

Los Angeles: Matinee opening Feb 11, 10 am – 2 pm (live skype with Berlin) + Party 7 – 11 pm
Berlin: Feb 11, 6 – 9 pm (live skype)

From the gallery’s press release:

ARTISTS MERCHANDISING ART is the first series of international exhibitions to deal with the issue of merchandising in contemporary art and its relevance for artists, art and the art market. The exhibitions open simultaneously in Berlin and Los Angeles and will later travel to Vienna, Paris and Hamburg.

Primarily used for sales promotion, merchandising has now become an integral part of commercial distribution and the creation of an image. The fundamental difference between a merchandising and an original brand product, is the merchandising products’ absence of actual user value while at the same time a logo or the image is still delivered.

How and where does merchandising take place in contemporary art?

We know Caravaggio-mousepads and Andy Warhol-lighters, but is there merchandising in contemporary art outside of the museum shop? Are the well known artist-editions of art magazines or art institutions merchandising, in the way that they are a comparably cheap way to get your hands on a certain image? Does the “publishing company” shop OTHER CRITERIA, which was founded in 2005, fit the category? Does it make sense to transfer the category into the realm of Fine Arts? Could a transferral enrich the discourse? Or has it been part of the art context for a while and the borders have long been fluid? And if that was the case, would it mean that every piece of art is a merchandise article transporting the image of the brand product artist?

ARTISTS MERCHANDISING ART provides an insight into the wide range of creative approaches to artist merchandising. The participating artists have been asked to hand in one or more products that in their opinion fit the category. The works are meant to have been specifically produced for merchandising purposes or deal with merchandising, use merchandising as a creative genre or be pieces already related to commercial distribution. The palette ranges from typical merchandising accessories (like knick-knacks or T-shirts) up to affordable editions. It could further include signed catalogues, posters or flyers, CDs, DVDs, Vinyls, stickers, small ceramics, printed everyday articles, cheap multiples, etc.

LA Artists include: Evan Aproberts, Emily Bayless, Alex Becerra, Brice Bischoff, Dain Blodorn, Erik Bluhm, Leonardo Bravo, Amanda Browder, Zach Bucek, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Salvador Dali, Nathan Danilowicz, John Frishman, Alicia Gibson, Jon Gratigny, Katy Hamer, Tom Hartman, Bettina Hubby, Melissa Huddleston, Katrin Jurati, Joyce Kim, Paul Klee, Emily Lambert, Karl Larocca, Karen Lee, Julia M Leonard, Miles Lightwood, Seth Lower, Maya Lujan, CK Lyons, Adam Marelli, Mike Meanstreetz, Pat Ngoho, Lisa Ohlweiler, Sarah Petersen, Nicholas Pittman, Christopher Richmond, Ryan Riehle, Mark A. Rodriguez, Adam Saks, Carolyn Salas, Kristen Schiele, Jim Shaw, Sadie Siegel, Matt Siegle, Vivian Sming, Adam Stamp, Hans-Peter Thomas, Henry Vincent, Ryan Wade, Andy Warhol, Mike Watt & the missingmen, Erin Olivia Weber, Seth Weiner, Alexander Wolff, Petting Zoo

Organized by René Luckhardt and Judith Rohrmoser, in collaboration with Stefanie Gattlen, Heike Kelter, Gustav Mechlenburg, Bettina Sellmann, Hans-Peter Thomas, fluid archives, What The Shop, La Guillotine/Atelier Reflexe and 8. Salon.

For more information, see the gallery’s website.


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