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“Debt Positive” at Flux Factory, here we come!!

Thrilled to be a part of the Debt Positive show for the month of June at Flux Factory in NYC*! [*Long Island City in Queens, to be exact, but – same dif.] Debt Positive brings together artists making work in response to our shared, irrational, financialized realities. From the curators’ statement: “Through an evolving exhibition, […]

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Selects from LAABF

Thanks again to the Women’s Center for Creative Work for inviting me to their pop-up residency at the LA Art Book Fair in February! This was the first time I’d gotten to play “nurse” with this project. Actually applying the (underinsured) and (uninsured) tattoos to people’s bodies – people who very much wanted to name […]

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SWAG goes LIVE at the LA Art Book Fair, February 11-14!

It’s clearly been awhile since I’ve updated this site – who goes to individual project websites anymore? – but for the sake of historical thoroughness/site specificity, I will say here and now that I’m pleased to be activating SWAG sales this coming Saturday, February 13, 2016, from 1-4pm, at Printed Matter’s Los Angeles Art Book […]

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Socialized Medicine Working Out Well in a Red State

This article (found on The Daily Kos, but originally posted at James 321) leads one to wonder what, precisely, remains to recommend a fee-for-service model for the provision of health care.

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How Poverty Affects the Brain

Fascinating article on recent research regarding the neurobiological effects of financial stress – long-term implications included.

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SWAG at University of Wisconsin – Madison “Unstable Systems” show, April 14 – 19

If you’re in or near Madison, WI, in the next week, please feel free to stop by the “Unstable Systems” show on campus at the Arts Lofts Gallery, 111 North Frances Street, 53703.  Gallery hours are 9-5 with an opening reception April 14, 5-7PM.  I wish I could be there – the thematic focus sounds […]

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SWAG at Wonderloch Kellerland Gallery, LA, Feb 11-26th

Wonderloch Kellerland Gallery (Los Angeles and Berlin) is hosting an “Artists Merchandising Art” show in its galleries this month. SWAG will be available – in its “honor-system store” format – at the Los Angeles location from Feb 11 through the 26th. Stop by the opening! 3149 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90039. Los Angeles: Matinee […]

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Experiments in (Anti-)Capitalism, Part I

Almost nothing bores me more than the idea of writing my own blog posts for this site – as is obvious from those that have come before (the writing within them, by and large, not exactly crackling with necessity): I’m more interested in others’ experiences with regard to this project, and the most important “site” […]

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New SWAG: “Debtor” pins and charms

It seemed only natural ….. Yes, it was time to address this topic.  Now, you can wear it proud, in either sports-team-inspired cloisonne pin form or as a delicate charm dangling from your wrist, neck, or ears.  Pins are slightly bigger (1.25″ long), epoxied, and cost $4; charms are 1″ long, non-epoxied, and cost $3.  […]

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“SWAG for Hard Times” has been included in the show “Circulate, Exchange: Nugget & Gravy” at the New Wight Gallery at UCLA, Sept 22 – Oct 6. Curated by Mathiew Greenfield and Christine Wang, the show features artists currently enrolled in or recently graduated from MFA programs in southern California.  From the catalog’s introductory essay, […]

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